PLYTEC Formwork® specializes in the construction method engineering field of temporary works for the forming and erection of concrete structures, and workplace access on job site. The company provides full range of product solutions to perform shoring and formworks in compliance to the codes of practice for all concrete elements from toe-to-tip of a building structure comprising footing and ground beam, column and wall, podium slab & beam, transfer floor structure, and typical floor structure of a tower. Meanwhile, its full range of access equipment including self-climbing perimeter protective screen with working platform (SCP), modular-type and frame-type scaffold systems, and various types of steps including platform ladders; are designed to fulfill the requirements of a safe and productive workplace for both the exterior and interior of a building
PLYTEC Formwork® provides engineering products and services in strict adherence to the industry standards and regulations including the following: 
      CIDB CIS 18 (IBS Score)
      CIDB CIS 22 (Safe Use of Scaffolding in Construction)
      CIDB CIS 23 (Safe Use of Falsework & Formwork in Construction)
      JKKP Guidelines for Safe Use of SCP
In year 2018, the company gained control on the supply chain of its products by establishing own manufacturing lines and R&D unit under an exclusive conglomeratic partnership with WONDER® which is specialist producer of aluminium falsework and access equipment for construction. 
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