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"Ditec DAB305 operator or equivalent for single or double leaf pedestrian doors, with electromechanical operation and return spring (with adjustable tension) which guarantees the opening of the door by motor and closing by means of the spring with servo-assistance of the motor. Cover with a maximum height of 70 mm, with the option of an intermediate junction cover to be used in case of combined operation of two operators (double-leaf installation). The system must be capable of moving leaves up to 450 kg with push arm or up to 370 kg with pull arm. Maximum width of the single door leaf equal to 1600 mm. The operator must feature the following elements:  functional components mounted on metal base plate  gearmotor with encoder  protective cover in extruded aluminum with silver finish and gray painted side metal heads.  possibility of operating the swing door automation with a knob or key function selector.  possibility of having both DIN right or DIN left openings with the same operator, without having to overturn the operator or make physical changes to it.  internal housing for optional batteries to ensure operation even in the absence of power supply.  possibility of power supply with variable voltage from 100 V to 240 V, without the use of any additional accessory.  connection and synchronization via dedicated cable of two automations for use on double-leaf doors.  possibility of choosing arms with the following characteristics: • Articulated movement arm for push opening of leaves up to 1600 mm (for fire doors at least up to 1400 mm) • Sliding movement arm for pull opening for leaves up to 1400 mm (for fire doors at least up to 1400 mm) • Sliding movement arm for pull opening with 600 mm stroke and 890 mm sliding track • Sliding movement arm for pull opening with 220 mm stroke and 380 mm sliding track • Movement arm for Double Action functionality (right or left) Control panel features:  adjustment of the operating parameters by means of trimmers and dip-switches positioned on the control panel.  separate adjustment of the opening and closing speed.  closing force adjustment: allows to increase the closing force in the case of doors installed in windy areas or when the door separates areas with different pressure.  automatic closing time adjustment.  when used for the first time, the control panel sets itself to the first of 21 groups of pre-configured parameters. If a different group of setting is needed, this can be done through the control unit. Any further change to single parameters can also be made.  possibility of connecting self-tested sensors to be installed on the door.  starting procedure with the possibility of using a self-learning mode (with selection by means of a button on the control panel).  two separate accessory electronic cards, with plug-in mounting, for the implementation of advanced functions: • electronic card for safety (accident prevention) functions as listed below: ≡ Connection of internal and external safety sensors which, in case of obstacle detection, stop the movement in the opening phase and reverse the movement in the closing phase; ≡ Safety exclusion in opening: adjustable from 45 ° to 90 °. During opening, it excludes the safety devices installed on the door so that the wall is not detected; ≡ Possibility of connecting an external device that return the status of the automation (door open or door closed); • electronic card for security and anti-burglary functions as listed below: ≡ Step-by-step opening with key selector; ≡ Emergency closing for fire doors; ≡ In the presence of an electric-lock, with the door closed, following an opening command, application of a push in closing to guarantee the complete release of the electric lock; ≡ At the end of the closing maneuver, the operator can be set to increase the force / speed of the door to give the certainty of the complete insertion of the electric lock; The operator control panel must allow you to set the following operating modes: • Servo assistance: manual opening of the door is assisted (both pushing and pulling) using a small thrust of the motor. • Push & Go: the automatic opening of the door is activated following a small push applied to the door by the user. • Low Energy: the operator guarantees the reduction of the impact force of the leaf against goods or people below the limits prescribed by the European standard EN16005. • Double Action: the operator, using a kit and / or dedicated accessory, allows opening in both directions (push and pull, one by motor, the other manual), with consequent greater safety to guarantee the way of escape in case of danger. • Reverse function: the opening of the door is possible even without power supply (with any type of arm), thanks to the energy accumulated by a spring system in the closing phase, with greater safety due to the possibility of ensuring the extraction of smoke and/or heat in case of danger. • Fire and Smoke Applications: the operator guarantees the possibility of automatic closing in the event of a fire, in compliance with EN 1634-1 and DIN 18263-4 standards, thanks to a special accessory and/or a fireproof kit including smoke detector, reset and reporting. Minimum technical features required: • Maximum load: 450 Kg with articulated (push) arm 370 Kg with sliding (pull) arm • Endurance test: 1 million cycles • Stroke management: by encoder • Power supply: 100/240 Vac / 50-60 Hz • Nominal power: max 300 W • Auxiliary power: 700 mA - 24 Vdc • Electromechanical lock: 24 Vcc max 600 mA, 12 Vdc max 1200 mA • Maximum door width: articulated arm: 500 - 1600 mm (1400 mm fire doors) sliding arm: 750 - 1400 mm (1400 mm fire doors) • Door opening angle: 110 ° articulated arm 110 ° sliding arm • Opening time: 2.5 - 12 s / (0 ° - 80 °) • Closing time: 4 - 12 s / (90 ° - 10 °) • Operating temperature: -20 ° C / + 45 ° • Protection rating: IP 20 • Product dimensions (HxDxL): 70 x 175 x 840 mm"

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