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WH60 is a heavy-duty modular shoring system for concrete construction. It provides a durable and efficient shoring solution to meet the requirements of both infrastructure and building projects.
The system requires minimal components which are mainly the Vertical Member, T-Frame and Horizontal Ledger. Its shoring grid dimensions come in the multiple of 300mm for Ledger system.
W60 system is made of high strength steel material, and has very few component modules which are easily assembled to meet virtually any shoring configuration in the actual application. Productivity and cost effectiveness are hence achieved with such versatility delivered by the system.
The shoring system is erected either as stacking or shoring tower, or multiple grids complex spatial structure to suit the actual dimensional and loading requirements. It is widely adopted as shoring solutions for transfer floor structure in construction of high rise building; and, for bridges and pier heads in infrastructure projects.

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In Progress

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Category : WH60
Type : BS0300
Manufacturer : PLYTEC