IBS Graphic
  1. Simply Supported Rectangular Beam (Roof Beam)
  2. External Beam (Edge Beam)
  3. Internal Rectangular Beam
  4. Internal Beam (Inverted-T Beam)
  5. Landing Support Beam
  6. Ground Beam
  7. Column
  8. Half Slab/Precast Plank
  9. Hollow Core Unit
  10. Staircase and Landing

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What is Industrialised Building System (IBS)?

A precast concrete framed building is one of the most popular industrialised building systems preferred by architects and engineers. This system involves the production of building components, as well as erection and assembly of these components, into a desired building structure by mechanical means, using as little in-situ construction as possible.

The framed buildings consist of slab, beam, column, wall and staircase components that are fabricated or manufactured off-site. A systematic fabrication process is carried out to consistently produce similar components.

A precast concrete component is casted in a reusable mould, which is then cured under a controlled environment, transported to the site and placed at the required position. The quality of prefabricated concrete components is normally much better than cast.

The common basic structural form for IBS is the skeletal frame system.
A precast skeletal frame system is a structural system that consists of precast concrete slabs, beams, columns, walls and staircases that connect together between components as shown in the image above.

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CIDB has initiated to industrialise the industry with IBS to take off from labour intensive activities.
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