A Brief Overview

MyBIM Library (www.mybimlibrary.my) make it easier for designers to find the components that needed to be integrate with the building designs. Designer, architects and engineers can download object directly for their design requirements with specification without the need to refer to catalogue as they used to.

myBIM Library Objects Hosting Services

About us

myBIM Library is a rich object library with multi-discipline 3D objects ready to be downloaded and used by BIM designers. The library is structured and interactive to allow Architects, Consultants, Engineers and designers familiar with the lay-out of object library and online portals to quickly find, download and use the objects for their 3D construction design. myBIM Library holds more than 10,000 objects from IBS Precast and Connectors to Kitchen Sinks to Medical Surgery trays.

myBIM Library Hosting Services provides the product manufacturers, distributors and fabricators an online object space and catalogue to feature the 3D representation of their products. The products will be listed in the library according to the category of products and types of products. Designers and Modelers then can select these products‘ 3D objects and place them into their design.

Upon engaging this service, products 3D images and specifications can be uploaded into our myBIM Library. Tracking of users download and use activities will start, and you can immediately see the user‘s contact for business reference.

Features Functions Benefits
Putting object into web space Viewable in 2D or 3D into small component view 3D models are much more realistic
Right location for designers Designers can download and immediate use the objects in their design Effectively putting the products in front of the designer desk and to be used in their project
Structure form of objects functions & specification Tabs are provided for designers to look at product information such as object functions and specification Ease for the designer to correctly use of the product as intended
Product specifications in the 3D objects Additional information about product specifications can be embedded into the objects and readable using design tools The embedded information can be automatically accessed without the need to look elsewhere
Precise Image of product The 3D representation of the object is the closest image of the product to a picture Allow designers to quickly visualize new designs and incorporate inspirations onto a project
Manufacturer‘s info added Manufacturer‘s information can be embedded in the 3D object information This option allow for manufacturers logo, information, contact and location for ease of access to buyers and designers, boosting the manufacturers branding
No pricing or with pricing option Pricing of the product can be included or omitted in the information Manufacturers are able to decide the price management for the users and the distributors
Expandable space The space provided for this service can be increased and decreased according to the need Manufacturers have the flexibility to include as many objects and specifications as similar to their catalogue
Real time user‘s data mining Manage a company‘s interaction with current and potential customer Improve business relationship with customer and focusing on customer retention and driving sales growth

Object Development In myBIM Library

About us

A BIM 3D with sufficient information help to share data and construction information with much easy and efficiency. Clients provide us 2D Design and object drawings, which only include product physical geometry.

It will be converting into 3D model using BIM tools. Based on client‘s requirement, information can be added, subtracted or clarified on any dimensions, features and design of the 3D model. The objects will be set up to the specifications.

Features Functions Benefits
Digitalize product from 2D to 3D visualization Real reproduction of product into 3D image 2D to 3D conversion product will proper getting the attention of designer in accelerate decision making
Object can be parametric or fixed dimension The parametric objects downloaded can be expanded regardless of dimensions but fixed object will follow the SKU dimensions Designers don‘t have to spend time measuring and re-measuring parts of the product to develop a precise model
Multi-functioning parts Viewable - zoom in / zoom out. Can produce multiple specs of product - adding the function and subtract the function. We can explode view of the products can be displayed to show various functioning parts Designer can control the target point used the zoom tool to highlight the selected area
Embedded product code The product code embedded are according to manufacturer specification colour and design Designer will not pick the wrong product, and ordering can be based on the product code to eliminate mistakes
Option-realistic rendering Create a small scene that had the look and feel of an architectural rendering This demo makes extensive use of reflections to show off certain objects. Designer can make use demo for their design
Room Setting Actual product 3D Model to be included in the room Actual furniture in room suggestion. And recommend fitting to designers how to arrange the furniture and fits in the room